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The Liverpool Project Logo.PNG

 T H E  L I V E R P O O L  P R O J E C T  under the umbrella of Yellow Box Entertainment

is a live on stage production of musicians performing unique personal

renditions from the Beatles songbook.


The stage is arranged in a living room setting with the theme of black and white which mirror images

The Liverpool Project logo in the background.  As the stage darkens a master of ceremonies who is behind

the stage and not seen walks the audience thru a story of how the lads from Liverpool met,

their introduction to manager Brian Epstein and subsequently the recording session with

George Martin that sparked Beatlemania.

Each song is introduced with an explanation of its origin and the history behind its creation. 

The musician performing the song adds their personal story of the relationship he or she has with

the particular recording adding to the production.


The production is titled as “Unplugged” meaning that no drums are allowed

giving the performance an acoustic feel.

The notable musicians for The Liverpool Project range from instrumentalists

to acoustic guitar and piano vocal accompaniment and also acapella arrangements.
They include Grammy Award Winners, Platinum Artists and Emerging Artists.


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